Following Zambia’s failure to meet the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), there has been a growing realisation of the need for other stakeholders such as civil society organisations to complement government efforts to attain sustainable development. To that effect, Caritas Zambia organised a national conference on sustainable development goals (SDGs) titled ‘Zambia towards agenda 2030’. The SDGs, though established in 2015, replaced the MDGs in January 2016 aiming at guiding development in all United Nations member states until 2030.

The government on its own cannot achieve the SDGs. This has necessitated the creation of development stake holder’s partnerships, especially with Non-governmental Organisations (NGOs) and Civil Society Organisations (CSOs). Establishing the role NGOs and CSOs should play in ensuring that Zambia meets the SDGs is important for them to have meaningful contributions. They greatly act as the link between society and the government, therefore, should create an avenue of a healthy relationship between the state and its citizens.

Many NGOs in Zambia operate with different objectives that build towards the AU Agenda 2063. There is need to cross check to see if NGOs in Zambia are along the goals of the agenda. Zambia currently has no complete database that shows the progress of NGOs in achieving the SDGs and agenda 2063. Through combined community efforts and through the works of UCP-SARnet Zambia, it is hoped this link can be established.



Musonda Mubanga will be spearheading Zambia’s UCP-SARnet activities. She acquired her Master of Science in Epidemiology, and has since worked in the academia arena and currently serving as a lecturer at the University of Lusaka. Previously, she worked in the research field working with different organizations.

She contributed to the growth of the organizations through data collection and manipulation as well as providing insightful conclusions and recommendations from data collected. Musonda is a go getter, and enjoys working in challenging environment. She hopes to improve the world through education and applied research. She believes that the works of UCP-SARnet Zambia and the partnerships of universities that will be formed will provide a better tomorrow for our youths.


My passion has always been technology. The way it’s evolved and has become a part of everyday life. After completing a few certifications in the field of IT both business oriented and technical, I went on to attain my Honors degree in Computer Systems and Networking. I’ve been working in the IT sector from 2010 to date both formally and informally as an IT technician and consultant. Occasionally volunteered at schools in remote areas of Zimbabwe to help teach youths on technology. Working in such locations as well as in urban areas, one could observe the absence of basic things that would allow individuals to have an average standard of living that would sustain them and their families; (quality of education to children and opportunities for work or trade for educated and uneducated individuals). I hope to be able to grow my skills further at the same time apply them to assist in the goals of UCP SARnet. Being able to connect Africa and raising it to a platform where there is gender equality, functional child rights, inter-African collaboration and building of better tomorrows for all nations. One of my dreams is to one day see Africa on par with developed continents and each country in it a power house of potential that's spreading across all ages and gender whilst contributing to the betterment of the world.


Prudent and result-oriented Research Assistant with a BSc (HONS) in Computer Systems and Networking. With 7 years Research experience working in-field as a freelance research assistant collecting accurate qualitative and quantitative data and delivering timely reports, it is my goal to make accurate findings by adhering to excellent research methodologies. My good facilitation skills, ability to role-play and excellent communication and rapport building skills have made it easy to interact with people of different backgrounds. Personally I have always had the hope that I will be able to contribute to society. I love children and w ant to be volunteering with orphanages so to help build a better tomorrow. UCP-SARnet Z ambia has objectives that support the vision I have and want for children and Africans alike. This platform will be one I believe can aid in changing the tide of the continent for the better and I want to be a part of that. To do my part for a better future for the children and adults as well as to build a better Africa.


Mwaka Hachisaala is a researcher and has worked in areas that have focused in health, finance, social protection, agriculture, gender and many others. She holds a master’s degree in public health and a Bachelor of Arts degree in demography and gender studies is currently the Head of Analytics and Operations, being responsible for providing operational oversight during the implementation of project assignments. In her many involvements in research, she has acquired vast knowledge and understanding of research that has made her passionate about conducting quality research to inform development and change. She strongly believes that she will be able to impart her knowledge, initiative, experience and skills towards the fulfilment of the set goals by UCP-SARnet Zambia.


Nchimunya Chadukwa is a competent and proven community development and media personnel. Holder of a bachelor’s degree in Adult Education obtained from the University of Zambia. He has been working with media houses and Non-governmental organizations to influence community change since 2013 when he joined Chikuni Radio as media scholar. Participated in the USAID funded Youth Lead Activity Zambia, an American program he helped tailor to the Zambian environment through research and consultation. Currently he is working for Counterpart International as a consultant on youth involvement in governance on an upcoming USAID funded project focused on District Governance strengthening and as a radio presenter at the University of Zambia radio station. On the other hand, Nchimunya is an advocate for the African charter for democracy, elections and governance. In the same vein, he is one of the founding members for the Young and Governing project, a project focused on increasing youth participation in governance processes in Zambia. He is excited about UCP-SARnet Zambia and would love to see more young people getting involved in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and Agenda 2063.