The critical challenge facing Kenya is to raise the rate of economic growth to levels incorporating broad-based improvement in the standards of living and well-being of Kenyans in order to reduce poverty which has increased rapidly in the recent past (PRSP, 2000).

Kenya's economic growth rate declined dramatically from an average of 6.6% in 1970s to 4.2% in 1980s to an average 2.1% in the 1990s. The living conditions of the vast majority of Kenyans are deteriorating rapidly. There is a marked increase in the number of people unable to access clean water, clothing, shelter, health services and education.

Unemployment is a problem in Kenya. Average unemployment is at 23%, and is even higher for youth that drop out of school and for women, averaging 25% in both cases (Chune, 2003). Government services in many cases are no longer available. Growing disparities in access to services have further undercut the living conditions of low-income households. School enrolments, infant mortality and life expectancy have deteriorated (UNDp, 2002).

Kenya's economic objectives of growth, poverty reduction and improved resource utilization and access have remained essentially the same since independence. The quest for sustainable socio-economic development has however been a challenging endeavor, influencing some policy shifts. The strident call has basically centered on poverty reduction, inclusion of those excluded from the enjoyment of the benefits of economic growth and the redistribution of productive resources. What have consequently changed are the strategies to achieve the objectives of sustainable human development focusing on improving the quality of life of the majority poor.

Poverty reduction broadly defined requires processes that help people to improve their capabilities and functioning that enable them to take charge of their affairs (Gondi, 2005). Kenya has come up with many poverty reduction policies since independence, most of which have had little success. The previous pre-1990s poverty reduction policies erroneously assumed that the benefits of rapid growth of key sectors such as industry, service and agriculture would automatically trickle down to all sectors of society.

So more effort was injected into improving economic performance (export incentive, agricultural food processing, etc.), at the expense of promoting societal welfare enhancing projects. For example, some policies like the rural and informal sector development did not receive the much-needed political will and required resource allocation, to be effective.



The director (chairlady) University Community for Social Action Research Network Africa (UCP-SARnet), Kenya is also the co-founder Gladtech International Limited. I am a middle-aged Kenyan who is more indulged in youth affairs. I am motivated by the personal experiences I have had within Kenya in the life specs of a typical youth in Kenya.

Unemployment and poverty are the major problems facing the youth in Kenya (a sub-Saharan country in the east of Africa). From the objectives of University Community for Social Action Research Network Africa (UCP-SARnet) the youth in Kenya can fight the major problems facing them through engaging in entrepreneurial activities and also increasing their educational levels to decrease the population of the illiterate in the society. Through the two major techniques, the youth are able to use their skills to combat the major problems facing them.

The University Community for Social Action Research Network Africa (UCP-SARnet) Kenya comprises of a team of colleagues working together to achieve the University Community for Social Action Research network (UCP-SARnet) goals and the agenda 2063 goals.


I do hereby admit that, what is given entails whom are I am and my ambition to make a better Kenya.

My organized personality with an inquiring mind to ensure efficiency in all my endeavours is what plays a better part in my life. I have been educated and equipped with different skills in various institutions. In addition, I am an experienced joiner with well-developed skills and experience in doing various ground work as well as helping the needy families to ensure better livelihood in the society.

Also through my hard work, honest and always ready to learn about new skills, stands to be my driving force. I am also punctual and motivated individual who is able to work in a busy and challenging environment and produce high standards of work since I am an outgoing and tactful and whom can listen very effectively and be able to solve problems.

Also am an excellent team worker and am able to take instructions from all levels and build up. Through all the skills and knowledge gained from various institutions, my greatest concern is to ensure the welfare of our Community is upgraded.

Also my vision is to ensure equitable distributions of resources to mankind in Kenya through working hand in hand with various Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and other supporting and other charitable organizations.


Jesse is a young man who is a visionary and results oriented. He is a corporate accounts manager in a leading retail organisation in Kenya. He also chairs the organisation’s disciplinary organ and heads the organisation’s CSR initiatives.

The notable experience he has grasped in those areas has made him a reliable leader and further shaped him with unique negotiation and problem solving skills which are a key in constituting an ordered society.

Through the servant like character, you will always find him visiting the less fortunate and vulnerable in the society such as the elderly, sick, people with disabilities and orphans who deserve the most precious attention globally. This has built a strong personality in him since he can interact and understand people irrespective of their base of origin.

Jesse is a diploma graduate and a fourth year student in Mount Kenya University pursuing business administration.


Effective and accountable in executive roles- overcome complex business challenges and make high stake decisions using experience backed judgment, strong work ethic, and irreproachable integrity.

Respect and leverage human capital- motivate, mentor, and lead talented professional youths. Direct cross-functional teams using interactive and motivational leadership that spur people’s effort and loyalty.

Corporate strategy and development specialist- a consistent record of delivering extraordinary results in growth, revenue, operational performance, and profitability. Due diligence. Risk management and inventory control, cost analysis.

Knowledge: on regulation and legal laws and jurisdictions of the different nations of the world. Management, planning, organizing, and coordinating and control skills.